Captain Naresh Kumar Joshi (Retd)

Captain Naresh Kumar Joshi (Retd.) Indian Navy

Ex-Deputy President/Interviewing Officer, 33 SSB Bhopal (MP)
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Ex-Deputy President/Interviewing Officer, 12 SSB Bangalore (Karnataka)

1. Captain Naresh Kumar Joshi (Retd) was commissioned in the Indian Navy (Executive Branch) on 01 Jul 1986. He specialised in Gunnery and Missile Warfare, and carried out Specialist appointments onboard various frontline warships. During the early part of his career with the Indian Navy, the officer has been part of Indian Peace-keeping Force in Sri Lanka 1987-89 (Operation PAWAN) as well as during the Kargil Operations 1999 (Operation VIJAY).

2. The Veteran Officer is a graduate of Defence Services Staff College, Wellington and has carried out various Command and Staff appointments in the Indian Navy.

3. He has been an Instructor and Divisional Officer at the prestigious National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune for more than two years (Jun 1994 – Aug 1996).

4. He successfully completed the Interviewing Officers’ Course at Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), New Delhi in the year 2005. Post completion of the Course, he has been part of 33 SSB, Bhopal and 12 SSB, Bangalore.

5. Service highlights in respect of the Veteran Officer are as given below: –

  1. 36 years of Commissioned Service.
  2. Gunnery and Missile Specialist.
  3. Various Command and Staff appointments.
  4. Graduate from DSSC Wellington.
  5. Instructor at NDA Khadakwasla (Jun 94 to Aug 96).
  6. Interviewing Officers’ Course.
  7. Nine (09) years’ experience as an Assessor.
    1. 33 SSB, Bhopal – 07 years (Deputy President / Interviewing Officer)
    2. 12 SSB, Bangalore – 02 years (Deputy President / Interviewing Officer)
    3. The officer has over 6000 Personal Interviews to his credit.