How can a girl join the Defence Services Mainly in Indian Army?

How can a girl join the Defence Services mainly in Indian Army?

Here we are going to discuss How can a girl join the Defence Services mainly in Indian Army? You will get all the complete details about the various female entries in the Indian Army.

In the recent news, the defence ministry has allowed permanent commission in 10 branches of the Indian Army where they were previously assigned short service commission. Let us look at the various entries of the Indian Army for which female candidates are eligible.

Women’s Entry in the Indian Army

The position of Women’s Entry in the Indian Army:

Earlier, females were only eligible in 2 entries in the Indian Army but now the army has decided to open 8 more branches for permanent commission for women. The branches that will give women permanent commission are image interpreter, language specialist and the service board. The Indian army has also proposed to increase the number of women in Non- combat roles as well, in positions such as Interpreters and cyber specialists, accounts, legal and education areas.

The women who are already serving in armed forces under short service commission can now opt for a permanent commission after 4 years of completion of service.
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As of 2017, women are not allowed to serve in combat units such as the Infantry, armoured corps, and the mechanised infantry. More than 1200 lady officers have been commissioned into the various arms and services of the Indian army.

Eligibility in Indian Army for Female:

  • A woman must at least be a graduate to apply.
  • At present, women are commissioned as the short service commissioned officers from the officers’ training academy in Chennai and can serve up to a maximum of 14 years. The army chief has said that 100 women soldiers would be inducted into the Indian army as jawans.

Categories of Women’s Entry in the army

Written Entries:

These entries are in which the female candidates need to pass a written exam and based on the cut off marks they are called for SSB Interview. Based on their performance in the interview and the marks in the written exam they are selected for the Officer’s Training Academy (OTA).

UPSC entries (CDS)

  • The Combined Defence Service Exam is conducted twice every year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).
  • Women candidates from the age group of 19-25 are eligible to apply for this position.
  • This is also called the Short Service Commission Non-Tech (Women) Entry Scheme.
  • After Combined defence services Examination, a Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview is conducted after which candidates are selected.
  • On the basis of merit, 12 women are selected every 6 months to be inducted into training. After clearing this exam, selected candidates have to undergo 49 weeks of rigorous training.


Direct entries for women:

  • Usually, entries to the army are based on a percentage of marks in graduation. However, there is also a provision for entry based on vacancies in the army.
  • This completely and solely depends upon the availability of these mentioned posts. Women may be recruited independently as army education corps, nursing services and the medical corps.
  • Although they may not require entrance tests, individuals once recruited have to undergo rigorous and extensive training. To be recruited for such positions, certain criteria have to be met and medical tests have to be cleared. There will be no discrimination on the grounds of any caste, religion, place of birth.
  • Finally, recruited individuals train at the Officer’s Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai.

NCC special entry

  • The SSC Tech entry is direct entry for women which means that there will be no written exam.
  • This is also under the short service commission for women. The first condition for recruitment is that they have to be an unmarried graduate from the ages of 19-25, having a “B” grade in NCC ‘C’ certificate. A pass percentage of at least 50% is required as a minimum
  • Candidates are shortlisted every year, twice, in June and in December. Four women are recruited from the respective directorates, according to a merit list.
  • Similar to the UPSC entries, training is for a period of 49 weeks.

The Judge Advocate General Entry (JAG)

  • An unmarried LLB graduate, from any recognised university, is eligible for this category.
  • A minimum pass percentage of 55% is required in LLB to be eligible for this position.
  • Every six months, 4 women candidates are selected by the Advocate General Branch.
  • After induction, training is for a period of 49 weeks.

Technical Entry (SSC Tech)

  • The SSC Tech entry is direct entry for women which means that there will be no written exam.
  • Any unmarried engineering graduate between the ages of 21-27 is eligible to apply for this post.
  • The cut-off for merit varies from year to year. Twenty women are selected every 6 months based on the merit list. Training is for 49 weeks.
  • After entering through these criteria, women will be joining the army as short service commission officers.

Territorial Army Entry

  • The territorial army entry is for women too.
  • It is for those candidates who wish to be in the armed forces but at the same time want a private job too.

Notable Women in the Indian army

  • Alka Khurana, commissioned in the year 1993, is the first woman from the Indian army to participate in the republic day parade and the army day parade in the year 1994.
  • Swati Singh, an engineer, is the first and only female officer to be deployed at the Nathu La pass as signals- in- charge.
  • Anjana Bhaduria, who was part of the first-ever batch of female cadets at the officers’ training academy in Chennai, is the first-ever female officer to win a gold medal
  • Colonel Mithali Madhumithia, commissioned in the year 2000, is the first ever women officer to win a gallantry award. (Sena Medal)
  • Priya Jhingan, commissioned in the year 1993, is one of the 25 women to join the Indian army as an officer
  • Divya Ajith Kumar, commissioned in the year 2010, led the all-women contingent of 154 women cadets in the 2015 republic day parade.

Women in Military around the world

  • United States of America- CCN reported the number of women serving in the US military at 47,000 which is approximately 16%. Historically, women have served in the Indian Army since the American Revolutionary War of 1775. A report also states that nearly 400,000 women served in the military during the second world war, with several thousands of them employed as field intelligence agents.
  • Russia- according to IISS, women comprise about 11% of the Russian Armed forces. This approximately translates to around 35,000 women.
  • South Korea- According to a United Press International report, the government’s plans to increase the intake of women in the Army to about 7% in the year 2020. Currently, they occupy about 5% of all the military ranks.
  • Pakistan- a report in the express tribune stated that there were about 4000 women in the Pakistan Armed Forces, in the year 2013. The recruits, however, were confined to desk and medical duties, as women are banned from mortal combat in the country.
  • Tanzania- there is a mandatory military service requirement for all women of Tanzanian citizenship, since the year 2003, in fact, it is the first Arab country to conscript women.
  • Australia- all the positions and roles in the Australian defence forces are open to women. In the year 2016, it was announced that women are also allowed to serve in mortal combat roles. As of the year 2017, women were reported to make up about 17 percent of the Australian armed forces
  • Saudi Arabia- applications for women to serve in non- combat roles in the Saudi Army was only opened to women in the year 2018.